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  • The flavor of Cascade Pizza’s Baked Mexican Lasagna is Italian with south of the border flare! Get all this deliciousness for only $7.99 today! Add meatball, mushrooms, sausage or pepperoni for only $1! Read more

  • Get yourself the Baked Mexican Lasagna at Cascade Pizza for only $12.95! This unique dish is Italian with a south of the border flair! Served oven-baked with your choice of sauce and garlic bread. You can add meatball,... Read more

  • Order yourself a delicious cup of soup for $1.99, or a bowl of soup for $2.99. Read more

  • Start off your meal right at Cascade Pizza with some Garlic Bread for $1.99. Read more

  • Bring your friends to Cascade Pizza and start your meal off with some delicious chicken strips! Read more

  • Try the Chicken Wings from Cascade Pizza for only $6.99! Choose from BBQ or hot sauce. Read more

  • Cascade Pizza’s Pita Bread makes the perfect side to any one of our entrees. Try it today for only $3.99! Read more

  • Try a traditional pasta Spaghetti at Cascade Pizza! Topped with your choice of sauce and served with garlic bread for only $8.29. You can add mushrooms, meatballs or sausage for $2.... Read more

  • Swing by Cascade Pizza get yourself the Baked Spinach Tortellini for only $12.49! It’s made with spinach tortellini shells, stuffed with cheese and topped with a three cheese alfredo sauce! Read more